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12 Ways to Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Shine

Jo Sabin

When you’ve started your own business, and the days of pointless high school group presentation are long gone, suddenly PowerPoint takes on whole different level of importance. Here’s 12 handy tricks to make sure you dazzle your audience and bring home your message when you need to stand in front of an audience and make sure your presentation shines! Read more

75 Designers Revamp Hillary Clinton's Campaign Logo

Jo Sabin

When Hillary Clinton recently revealed her campaign logo for the 2016 Presidential race, opinions were divided, with the logos shape, colors, connotations and execution all coming under fire. We asked our global designer community to provide some alternative designs. Seventy-five designers revamped Hillary's logo, here are six of our favorite responses can be found in this round-up. Read more

Getting Psychological About Brand Color


Color plays a vital role in shaping the way we understand the world, and when it comes to branding, there is no more important element. It’s not as simple as just going with your favorite shade either – check out these tips on how to make sure your color choice for your company branding can help grow your business. Read more

Good to Great: Start-up & Small Business Logos from the UK and Europe


Start-ups and small businesses are known to stir things up, often in the best possible way. Not surprising then, that some of the most evocative logo designs often pop up in the start-up sector. Here we showcase some of the best designs coming out of the start-up scene in Uk and Europe over the last year. Read more

Apple Car Contest: 3D Designers Imagine the Future of Driving

Jo Sabin

Rumors are running wild about the secret development of an Apple car (would that be the iCar?). Obviously we couldn't just stand by and wait patiently to see this epic project realized. As soon as we heard we got onto our highly skilled cohort of 3D designers and invited them show us what the future of driving may look like. Check out the designs! Read more

Disney Goes Defiant: Your Favorite Characters Get An Attitude Makeover

Jo Sabin

Disney movies have long been beacons of traditional values and mainstream appeal, with most of their iconic characters staying within a fairly narrow mold of design and personality. At DesignCrowd we decided our favorite Disney characters should rebel and exhibit more attitude. What would our favorite princesses and other Disney characters look like with a more overt punk rocker attitude and style makeover? Check out the results! Read more

See Grumpy Cat, Beyonce, Hugh Jackman and Other Celebrity Emojis

Jo Sabin

Because a picture can say more than a thousand words, and we never really run out of things we want to say, we asked some of our icon designers to help us out – create some new emojis referencing some of our favorite TV shows, celebrities and pop culture icons. Their responses are as hilarious as they are skillful – check out our favorites here. Read more

DesignCrowd Photoshop Contest: Famous Landmarks As You've Never Seen Them Before

Jo Sabin

Some places in the world we can all immediately picture when we hear their names. The rushing waters of Niagara Falls. The bustle of Times Square. The ancient majesty of Machu Picchu. We’ve seen them so often we might imagine there could not possibly be anything new for us to discover about them. We at DesignCrowd thought it would be fun to gain new perspective on famous landmarks. What would the world's busiest tourist attractions look like without people? And what would happen if those landmarks themselves were to disappear? Click here to see the results of two exciting contests. Read more

Interview: Meet Alex Strange, UK Graphic Designer on DesignCrowd

Jo Sabin

Meet Alex Strange, a 22 year old illustrator from the UK. Alex is a winner of DesignCrowd's monthly design contest for new designers. His unique style caught our attention and we wanted to learn what influences his design process and how we comes up with new ideas. Read more

DesignCrowd's United Nations of Logos

Jo Sabin

Our designers at DesignCrowd come from all corners of the world, and bring all types of backgrounds and expertise to their creations. Here you will find a roundup of some of our most successful and popular designers from around the globe. Read more

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