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See Obama and other US politicians as tattooed camera-toting hipsters

Jo Sabin

After months of campaigning, the US midterm elections have finally come to an end. Here at DesignCrowd we love to hipsterize pop culture icons like Disney characters, so we decided to lighten up the mood a little and see what politicians would look like as tattooed, camera-toting hipsters.  Read more

Why Small Business Should Start Crowdsourcing Branding and Graphic Design

Jo Sabin

This article provides four compelling reasons for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to crowdsource creativity, specifically graphic design and branding assets.  Read more

42 Fabulous Flag Inspired Graphic Designs

Jo Sabin

Flags are designs that use various symbols, ornaments or decorations meant for signaling and identification. But their minimalist and ornate style has crept into logo design, posters, icons, textures and is a trend in graphic design. Enjoy this collection of 42 'flag' inspired designs to inspire your next design project! Read more

The 'Orange Is the New Black' Meets Disney Mashup

Jo Sabin

The 'Orange Is the New Black' Meets Disney Mashup features members from the cast of the popular US cable TV show recast as Disney Princesses (and a Prince!) inside Litchfield prison. Enjoy! Read more

The Best of DesignCrowd Design Round-Up - Volume 6

Clancy Clarke

Each week, we round-up some awesome designs submitted by the very talented designers at DesignCrowd. From logo designs to posters and websites, the weekly design round-up aims to inspire creativity and show off the calibre of work produced by designers at DesignCrowd. Read more

20 Striking Fashion Logos Crowdsourced on DesignCrowd

Jo Sabin

Fashion is online, on-demand, global and booming. From e-commerce to high street fashion brands, we have got you covered. In this article we handpick 20 striking fashion logos crowdsourced on DesignCrowd by a slew of international fashion entrepreneurs. Enjoy! Read more

DesignCrowd is 22 in Deloitte's TechFast50 Australia & 235 in Asia-Pacific TechFast500

Jo Sabin

DesignCrowd was ranked 22 in Deloitte Australia's TechFast50 list this year and 235 overall in Asia-Pacific TechFast500. Deloitte shares an annual ranking of a given country's 50 fastest growing technology companies, based on revenue growth over the last five years. The TechFast50 is a top industry award and we are delighted to have cracked both lists in 2014.  Read more

20 Chic Travel and Tourism Logos Crowdsourced on DesignCrowd

Jo Sabin

In this design industry review we look at what logo design styles are trending in the travel, tourism and hotel categories. Check out these twenty chic travel and tourism logos crowdsourced on DesignCrowd. Read more

What really happened: Designers Go Behind the Scenes at the G20 Summit in Brisbane

Jo Sabin

Have you ever wondered what really happens when the world's most powerful leaders get together? DesignCrowd's designers went behind those closed doors and imagined what kinds of shenanigans went down at this year's G20 summit in Brisbane. They've designed hilarious graphics of G20 leaders behind the scenes in controversial situations. Enjoy! Read more

Famous Landmarks of the World Without People

Jo Sabin

The world's famous landmarks are memorable for a reason. Tourists swarm to visit these human made wonderlands but have you ever wondered what famous places would look like without people? DesignCrowd's designers have photoshopped out the people at places like Egypt's Pyramids and New York's Times Square and transformed these extraordinary places into famous landmarks without people. Check out the beautiful results! Read more

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