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See Shabani Endorse Nike, Nespresso, Calvin Klein and Other Big Brands

Jo Sabin

While marketers still ponder what makes a piece of content 'go viral', the world took notice when Shabani the strangely handsome Gorilla from Japan became an overnight internet animal celebrity sensation. We thought it would be fun to see Shabani endorsing big brands like Nike, Nespresso or Calvin Klein - brands known for their celebrity endorsements - and invited our designers to photoshop Shabani into the ads of the world's top brands. Check out the results! Read more

10 Beautiful Rainbow Designs to Celebrate US Marriage Equality


When the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage across all states, and immediately rainbow-colored celebrations started sprouting everywhere. Some of the world's most recognizable brands took to rainbow logos in support of the ruling. Here we selected some of our favorites, and also snuck in a few DesignCrowd logos that rock the rainbow all year round! Read more

Best of DesignCrowd Contests: Top Sports Logos Get a New Look

Jo Sabin

Merchandise and branding are hugely important for sports teams in the big leagues. And what could be more important to a successful brand than the perfect logo? DesignCrowd's logo designers have proven time and again that they have what it takes to create winning logo designs, so we thought we'd challenge them with the ultimate test: redesign the logos of some of the world's most recognizable and competitive sports teams. So who is the winner of this ultra-competitive round-up? We'll let you decide! Read more

Design Contest: Imagine Donald Trump as US President

Jo Sabin

In June, Donald Trump announced his intention to run for POTUS 2016, but since then his media coverage has been rather unfortunate. We've decided to lend him a helping hand and allow Americans to picture the orange mogul in the oval office, as well as give him some expert ideas on a logo that will surely bring his campaign to victory. Check out the designs now! Read more

Music to Our Ears: 10 Designs from Album Covers to Band Logos Made by DesignCrowd Designers

Jo Sabin

For music fans, the posters, album covers and logos of a band or performer often become just as popular and iconic as their music. Here we've put together some of our favorite entries to musical DesignCrowd competitions, from re-designed album covers, original band logos and fan t-shirts to a visual representation of what music feels like for Spotify's #NowFeeling campaign. Enjoy! Read more

5 Key Web Design Trends in 2015

Jo Sabin

Web design is always moving at the speed of light, so July seems like a good time to start having a look at new design trends emerging in 2015: animation to storytelling through design, the use of video, ghost buttons, flat design, grid design and more. With the limitations of technology getting smaller and smaller, we're seeing some truly inspiring designs and great user experience. Take a closer look at what's possible these days! Read more

5 App Design Tips to Get You Ready for the Apple Watch

Jo Sabin

Among the fevered anticipation of tech nerds and lovers of all things i, Apple released its first watch in April 2015. This is exciting for software developer, entrepreneurs and designers because it opens a whole new market for iOS apps, with new challenges. To give our app designers a head start, we've compiled a list of tips to get you on the right track with your Apple Watch app designs.  Read more

Interview: Matthew Lawson, UK Logo Designer from Middlesborough

Jo Sabin

Matthew Lawson is a UK logo designer from Middlesborough. Trained at art college in photography, Matthew was bit by the design bug when, as an apprentice at a design studio, a senior graphic designer and colleague, Mark mentored him in graphic design. In this interview we showcase a few of Matthew's best logo designs and find out how he approaches design projects on DesignCrowd. Read more

Our Top 10 Free Stock Image Sites for Designers

Jo Sabin

Having a great image for your website or blog post is one of the most crucial aspects of successful customer engagement, but high quality stock photography can get pricey very quickly. To help cut down on your desperate search for the perfect photo for your design, we've pulled together our 10 favorite online sources for totally free graphics and photos! Read more

The Power of Color: 15 Bright Yellow Logo Designs

Jo Sabin

Yellow is one of those colors lots and lots of people have strong opinions about. It's one of the most energetic and happy colors on the color wheel, associating it with high speed, lots of thought and productivity. With such strong emotions being evoked by the color, companies do well to incorporate it in their logos, as long as they know how to use it. Here we have compiled 15 yellow company logos and the message they seek to inspire. Read more

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